Our ancestors knew the exact direction of a snapped twig

Their brains sensed the timing of the impulses in the sound

In a dark jungle, their lives depended on it


Now, a snapped bit of wood is not usually dangerous

But we sense direction the same way - timing impulses just 3mm apart

It is what gives an acoustic image of the world around us


MonoPulse impulse timing gives that image like no other speakers

MonoPulse LF and HF unit reactions are 3 millimetres of air path apart
Other hi-fi speakers are over 6 centimetres
(Would we be extinct?)
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A step beyond audiophile quality - reality in front of you


All MonoPulse speakers are custom built

Adjustable HF and LF responses and connections

Colour choices to match any modern furnishing

Details.....Colours & Options



Model A - power and precision, with 550 watts and 20hz bass


30 litre volume. 20 HZ bass

200mm, 8 inch LF units.

22 Khz, 28mm silk-dome HF

110cm high (AW 100cm), 22cm wide and .24cm deep. Base 30cm square.


Full details and specs ..Model A



Model S - slim reality - floorstand or standmount


Floorstanding power - 300 watts

20 litre volume. 25 Hz bass

With 160mm, 6 1/2 inch LF units

90cm high, 18cm wide, 18cm deep
Base 25cm square

Standmount - 250 watts

10 litre volume. 29Hz bass

With 130mm, 5 1/4 inch LF units

18cm wide, 45cm high - & 21cm deep.


Full details and specs .... Model S



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Accuracy perfect for vinyl
"Other speakers sound blurred and hazy by comparison"
(What Hi-Fi)


"Realism you can almost touch"

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