A snapped twig in a jungle - gives an impulse

How we sensed exact direction - and survived

And how MonoPulse gives stage realism

Active version for ultimate on-line precision

Passive Model A


Power & bass

500 watts 20Hz

200mm Kevlar LF
28mm silk-dome HF

110 h, 24 w, 24 deep


Passive Model S

Slim performance

Compact realism

300 watts 25hz

160mm Kevlar LF
28mm silk-dome HF

100 h, 20 wide, 20 deep


All custom-built to order

Many choices & colours

Prices - and see 50% off demo models

2003 - electrifying realism.

Hi-Fi Choice Model S. "Allan Hendry built loudspeakers in his teens.. Then, with a BSc, working in hi-tech electronics, he realised the significance of impulse precision in delivering a realism that's positively electrifying." Paul Messenger."

2022 - active wins top award.

Hi-Fi World Model SA. May 2022. Hi-Fi World gives top 5 Globe award for "Outstanding", £ award for "keenly priced".

"Has it all. Intense detail. Super-sharp images on the soundstage. Tight 30Hz bass, clear midrange, and crisp treble."
"Stevie Nicks chimed out clear at centre stage. An impressive package all round."

Full Hi-Fi World review - page 1, page 2, and page 3

Unequalled for connectivity

Wi-Fi - 300 watts at full master quality
Bluetooth - easy for family and guests
Radio/music - from voice command sources
Full remote IR controls of inputs, volume & tone

Plus, options for
external tape, disc, c.d,
- or amp - to a 500w to valve-perfect 8 ohm

and spare aux input - plus optical and USB

Single amp - SA and AA

Wi-Fi & Bluetooth streaming
Plus all input options & sockets
Class D amp in master unit
Active 100 watts per channel

Bi-amp - SDA and ADA

Class D amps in both units gives
the ultimate audiophile spec of
an amp per speaker drive-unit
Total power 200 watts

Active modes

Full Wi-Fi – 24 bit master downloads
Bluetooth – 16-bit. Easy access
3.5mm w IR control – c.d., Alexa, etc
RCA w volume – pre-amp deck, c.d.
USB - or memory-stick, socket
Full hand-held remote IR control

Aux inputs

RCA sockets - to internal amp.
4mm banana - to 8 ohm speaker

Pre-amp aux inputs

LAN - cable or optical from router

USB socket - also for memory stick

3.5mm co-ax - with IR control

Full hi-fi for all users


MonoPulse - Realism in reviews

Hi-Fi NewsModel A. "Every audiophiles dream? Allan Hendry believes that for loudspeakers to be realistic, they must be time and phase coherent. Images lock into space, for out-of-the-box imaging and realism beyond the room boundaries." David Alcock

What Hi-FiModel S. 5 star award Five stars. "Puts emphasis on getting the phase precision between the mid/bass and the tweeter spot on. It's succeeded, so that the Ss latch on to the leading edge of every note with breathtaking confidence."

Many more pages see .. Media reactions

Custom options - unrivalled choices

Cloth - 8 Options


Top & Base
Oak, Walnut
Redwood, or any
metallic colour
See Options


Included Options

All listed above and agreed acoustic, connection, finish, and HF & LF features. See Options




"Other speakers sound blurred and hazy by comparison" (What Hi-Fi)

"Realism you can almost touch"

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