Realism - and custom made to your choice


Tops and bases in hardwood -

in natural finish, any metallic colour, or carbon fibre tops.


Light Oak .......................... Redwood................................... Walnut









Metallic Silk finish - any colour you choose


Here in Black

Shows the hardwood grain

Cut from one timber
to match grain &

Bases match the tops



Real carbon-fibre tops - gloss lacquer - or any metallic

Reference Model AC only - bases in Black hardwood


Isolated HF units
suspended in top

Hi tech black lacquer 3D
woven carbon-fibre
- left

Or any satin-finish
metallic -
silver right




Cloth body colour - choice of ten to match furnishing.


We can send samples to help your choice.


Black: Hi-Fi high tech

French Blue

French Blue: Not now available.

Slate Grey

Slate Grey: Just a bit different


Champagne: For light furnishing

Dark Chocolate

Dark Chocolate: Touch of luxury


Cranberry: For a difference.


Burgundy: Rich red hue.


Biscuit: Blends with furnishing.

Bright Lavender

Electric Blue: Contemporary

Bottle Green

Bottle Green: Stately.

Examples of various combinations of cloth and top colours are shown at the bottom of this page.

Any combinations of cloth and top can be ordered


Adjustable HF and LF frequency responses
- and choice of connections


HF adjustment from the terminal panel

HF emphasis - useful for late-night low volume listening.

HF reduction - for 'live' rooms, or high volumes.


LF adjustment

If room resonances give excess bass,
LF port damping plugs can be supplied.


Bi-wiring. Can be provided

Or larger single terminals




Home Cinema Options

Dramatic MonoPulse realism and sound-stage,
with up to 1,850 watts.

Front speakers can be Models A or S

The 250 watt, Model S centre speaker
- here in burgundy.

Click Cinema for details.


Back to model details and specs - click........ Model A ............Model S


Buying MonoPulse:

Our exclusive UK dealers are in Wolverhampton, Doncaster, Ashby-de-la-Zouch, and Southampton - covering Sheffield, Leeds, Barnsley, Rotherham, Barnsley, Wakefield, York, Birmingham, Leicester, Derby, Burton, Tamworth, Nottingham, Birmingham, Stourbridge, West Bromwich, and Telford. Click here for details.

UK and Worlwide, we can also supply directly. More info Buy Direct.

Contact 07785 558238 or click on



Some of the colour combinations




Black cloth and Oak hardwood - left

This also shows the carrying handle
featured on Models AC, AW and S



Green cloth and Redwood - right

Badges can be any colour














Black cloth and Walnut hardwood - left.


Cranberry cloth and Walnut hardwood - right




Gold-plated double connecting-panel
and rear port on Model S Standmount








Slate cloth and Walnut hardwood - right.

French Blue cloth -left




Biscuit cloth and Oak top




Slate cloth with base ln
Metallic Black





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