The realism, bass and power of a live performance


The A Models - for ultimate quality and presence

Features on both models

AW left........Reference AC right


Realism with power.

300 watts continuous,
watts max, 1,500 watts for 10ms.


Frequency response

Amazing 20Hz bass (Hi-Fi Choice)
to 22kHz HF response .

Drive units - precision timed

HF - 28mm diam, silk domed,
with neodymium magnets.

LF - 200mm, 8 inch, Kevlar,.tuned to 32 Hz
4 layer voice-coils and 40oz magnets.


Impedance - 8 ohms, minimum 7 ohms.


Sensitivity - 91dB

High impedance and sensitivity
Good with valve amps down to 10W
Equalises solid-state amp differences.



Crossovers - with precision timing

Only film capacitors and air-spaced coils

Fourth-order HF
Superb protection of the HF units

First order LF
- just voice-coil inductance
- for absolute purity




Model AC Reference - carbon-fibre top.


Ultimate reality

HF units suspended in woven
true carbon-fibre tops

22cm wide, 110cm high, 24cm deep.
Base 30cm square.

Weight 16kg

£1,995 UK. E2,295 Europe.




Model AW - solid hardwood tops

Integral HF units

Solid hardwoods. See...Options

Can also be any metallic colous

22cm wide, 100cm high, 24cm deep
Base 30cm square. Weight 16kg

£1,595 UK, E1,695 Europe.



Precision and realism - as your music was created

Quality - with many custom options


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