"Does what should be impossible for such small loudspeakers - a full and rich sound which is never tiring." (From Norway)


So you can be serious about your music:

Our standmount Model C had some objectives.


A relaxed and large sound - deep and rich from a small speaker.

MonoPulse impulse timing - presence, realism and sound-stage.

30Hz bass and 250 watts - 45cm high, and 18cm wide. 7kg of solid power.

28mm neodymium HF units - as in our flagship Model A.

For impulse timing information and speaker comparisons, click - Quest


Now you can be serious about your music, whatever it is


Right - in Slate cloth, showing the profiled edges.

Left - the padded rear leather, with Blue cloth.

Specifications @ £1,145, E1,445

Dimensions. 44.5cm high x 18cm wide x 23cm deep, and 7Kg each.

Power handling. 250 watts maximum and 150 watts continuous.

Frequency response. From 30Hz to 22kHz.

Below - in Cranberry, the rolled-edge real leather top.

Impedance. 8 ohms nominal and minimum.
The uniform high impedance is ideal for valve amplifiers and less sensitive to differences in solid-state amplifiers.

Sensitivity. 87dB.
We recommend solid state amplifiers have a minimum of 35 watts into 8 ohms, and valve amplifiers about 18 watts.


Drive units. This compact package has a 135mm, Kevlar-coned, MF/LF unit, giving solid bass to 32Hz.

Neodymium 28mm HF drive-units, the same as used in our flagship Model A, are ferrofluid-cooled and silk-domed, giving a clean top-end response to 22kHz.


Crossovers. The patented asymmetric crossovers use only film capacitors and air-cored coils.

The HF circuits are fourth-order, with 24dB per octave attenuation giving superb protection of the HF units. The LF circuits are first order .


Precision listening-height adjustment. With HF and LF drive units at different heights in speaker enclosures, then different listening heights will produce timing shifts between them.

To maintain the crucial impulse leading-edge timing which gives MonoPulse realism, the Model C can be mounted to adjust accurately to the nearest centimetre of intended listening height.

Impulse accuracy at a distance of 3 metres will be 40cm above the stand height. So, for a 50cm stand it will be at 90cm. The Model C is intended to be stand mounted using BluTack or similar. This can give a micro-adjustment, because each 2mm difference of front/rear BluTack thickness will raise or lower the optimal listening point by 3cm. So 2mm extra at the front on 40cm stands will give the most typical listening height of 90cm. Similary, 5mm extra height at the rear on 50cm stands will give the same listening height.
This way, centimetre accurate acoustic focus can be maintained for perfect realism and sound stage.

Usage information - to see the specifications and usage details sent with each delivery - click on Model C info PDF


Ole Iacob Norman (comments right) posted a detailed review of the Model C on a Norwegian loudspeaker internet forum.
For a PDF in English click on PDF. For the original on the Norwegian forum go to Norwegian

Other Norwegian reviews and comments about MonoPulse are on hifisentralenforum


Cinema systems.

MonoPulse cinema systems can use Models A, S or C as front speakers, with units based on the Model C providing rear and centre - each with 250 watts and all the features of the Model C.


Rear speakers can be reduced height to 35cm and/or reduced depth at 21.5cm.

The centre speaker is 19cm high, 22.5cm deep and 44cm wide.

Right - the full size centre speaker, in Burgundy and showing the real leather end panels.

Our dealers will negotiate on price for any surround-sound loudspeaker sets. For centre speaker usage details click on:
Model CM info PDF


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